11 Python projects for beginners in [2021]

Python is a high level and Interpreted language.

The Dutch programmer Guido van Rossum created it. It’s a successor of the ABC Programming language.

The most recent version of Python is 3.9.

It’s an OOP(Object-Oriented Programming) language. That means all things in python are methods and processes.

You can do the code in fewer lines.

It’s easy to use syntax that makes it useful for processors and methods.

It’s multiprocessing and Dynamic language.

Python is useful for the webserver.

Web servers are places where all the data of computers is stored.

Web servers

It has a large application in data science and Artificial Intelligence(AI).

So, you’ve thought,” why I start projects in python?”.

You can do many things with python projects.

Why do you start with projects?


Projects are a great way to start.

It’s very helpful in the software development process.

You learn real applications where you can use programming languages.

It gives you not only theoretical knowledge but also to implement it.


For example, you know what are the string and integer. But don’t know how to use them in the software development process.

You can learn the concept quickly with projects.

Projects gives you the confidence that you can create something.

Projects are helpful in the real world.

Skills development

It gives the time management skills for personal development.

You would know how much time you should give to each element of the software.

Here are projects you can start for python

• Rolling dice
• Leap year or not
• Calculators
• Generate random
• Contact book
• Game development
• Tic-tac-toe
• Desktop notify app
• Rock-Paper-scissor
• Instagram photo
• Youtube downloader

Rolling Dice

       Rolling dice

You’ve played Ludo in your childhood.

You had won many matches. And thinking about rolling dice once again.

But this time something different way.

Start rolling dice project and roll dice once again.

This is an easy project. You can roll dice again in this program.

You can use python for it. Also, you can set conditions for dice using if, else and elif statements.

Leap year or not?

Leap year or not?

This is an easy one. You have to find the year is a leap or not?

You can found it in the if-else condition.

You can set if leap year then this statement will display.

Otherwise, another statement will display.

From this project, you’ll learn if-else statements quickly.



Although you don’t need it.

But if you want your calculator you can create it.

You want to make a calculation and to check how efficient you are!

You can create it.

To create a calculator you need Tkinter(Toolkit Interface) GUI.

          GUI Of Calculator

With this interface, you became familiar with GUI(Graphical User Interface) in python.

You’ll know how the GUI(Graphical User Interface) working.

You can create an interface for a calculator using it.

Generate random password


Users have to face difficulty to create a password.

You can solve this problem.

You can take 3 words from the user and create a random password.

Also, you can save this password on your desktop.

  Password for user

The user doesn’t have to remember the password.

The system will remember for them.

Again you have to use Tkinter GUI for password.

Contact book

  Contact book

You’ve difficulty remembering the contact of your friends.

Don’t worry! You can create your Contact book.

In this contact book, you’ll store your friend’s name, ID and many more.

    Contact book in python
Image credit: realpython

To create a GUI(Graphical User Interface) you can use the PyQt application.

It’ll create a GUI for the contact book.

To store the data in the contact book you’ll use SQL Lite.

Game Development

       Game development with Python

You can create a game in Python.

Do you want to create an enthusiastic game? then use pygame for game development.

Pygame module gives you access to all game development tools.

You can create an alien game with it.

       Alien game

In the alien game, you’ll learn the basic concept of python.

For example, a dictionary, list etc.



You had played many tic-tac-toe games in childhood.

There are two players one choose x and another 0.

It’s a 3×3 grid. Players have to make 3 x or 0.

You can create it on a desktop using the Pygame module.

It’s a game of combinations.

You can also play against the computer.

Desktop notify app

           Desktop notify app

Many notifications are coming in your app.

How some text is coming into your phone to display notifications?

It showing that the notification has come in your phone. 📱

You can install notify in the pip command.

The notify in the pip create the desktop notifier app.

Rock- paper- scissor

         Rock- paper and scissor

If you’re not aware of this game. I can tell you in short.

There’re three symbols rock-paper and scissor.

Rock win against scissors ✂️

Scissor win against paper 📝

A paper win against rock 🪨

This is the format. I hope you understand.

                 Rock-paper-scissor in desktop      
           Image credit: cppsecretes.com

To create this game on a computer. You need to import a random module.

Second, you’ll use the input() method to take input from the user.

Third Give the computer to chance to choose the symbol.

At last, determine the winner using if, else and elif statements.

Instagram photo downloader


You’ve many friends. Do you want to download their photo?

If yes, you can use an Instagram photo downloader.

You’ve to create it.

You can create it with the web scrapper.

Web scrapping

Web scraping is the process of using bots to extract content and data from a website.

You’ve thought it’s legal?

Yes, it’s legal because the content and data which you extracting are for the public showcase.

Although it’s a straightforward process to create an Instagram photo downloader.

Do the fun and download your friend’s photo.

You can download the Instagram photo using a web scrapper.

YouTube video downloader


You can download videos from YouTube video downloader.

To create it you need to import Tkinter and pytube libraries.

Tkinter creates a GUI(Graphical User Interface) for the YouTube video downloader.

GUI(Graphical User Interface)

Pytube library downloads the video from YouTube.

YouTube Downloader is a great tool when you want to watch videos offline.

Create it and do fun!!!

It’ll make you familiar with the Pytube library.


Python is the high purpose and interpreted language.

You can create many things from python.

For the Graphical user interface, you can use the Tkinter library.

I’ve shown you 11 projects which will make you familiar with the basics of python and libraries.

These 11 projects are for beginners.

What do you think? Do you‘ve any projects for python beginners? You can comment on it!!

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Python Diploma is worth it, in 2021?

Python is a high general and interpreted language.

Python programming language

Easy to use syntax and Interpreted behaviour makes it useful for many areas.

These areas are higher education terms.

For example, Python can be useful in the area of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and many more.

Many things going toward automation.

Top to Bottom approach making it useful for OOP(Object-Oriented Programming).

Python’s line by line execution making it’s for automation.

You can do code in fewer lines.

Benefits of diploma

Benefits of Diploma

If you want to enter in python specified area such as Data science and artificial intelligence.

You can choose a diploma in python.

After 12th science, you can take a 3years diploma.

A diploma would take you from basic python to advance python.

You can start from data types to Data Science.

Diploma making you most prefer for companies. That means you don’t need to understand all thing.

In reality, people want to learn everything in python.

It’s not possible. You have to learn the Important things.

It does not matter how much you’re learning. It’s matter how you’re implementing it.

A diploma gives you a sense of Importance. Not to feel in the trap of knowledge.

Albert Einstein’s Imagination

Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.”

That means you can only understand what had done or discovered in knowledge.

For something, New you have to Imagine the possibility.

That doesn’t mean knowledge isn’t important. It has limitation.

At some point, the diploma stands for it.

It prepares you for the marketplace.

It’s all the benefits of a diploma, You can’t ignore it.

BSc or Engineering

BSc or Engineering

You can do BSc or Btech in computer science.

You should do a BSc or BTech if you’re interested in computer science.

With python, you’re interested in algorithms, databases, data structures, operating systems and maths.

It’s beneficial for them.

BSc program

Bachelor of Science

It’s 3yrs course.

There are many programming languages.

Each year contain 2semster.

There are 6subjects in each semester.

I’m also in this course.

It’s very boring. You can’t connect each semester in India. I don’t know why.

In reality, these courses Institution not interested in you.

Not interested

They are only interested in completing the portion.

They don’t care you understood or not!!

They only care about the money. It’s a harsh reality.

For example, In FYCS(First-year Computer Science) Python is a programming subject.

I started to learn it. But what I’m seeing in the second year there isn’t 90% python.

What’s the hell it is!

Why I started this?

I’m asking myself Why I’ve started to learn this.

And what’s the guarantee it’ll not happen in the second year.

The Colleges just remaining for namesake.

I feel we as a Creator need some changes.

Engineering program


It’s a 4year program. It’s tougher than BSc level.

You can learn many things in engineering. But the curriculum for 90% of college isn’t interesting in India.

It’s the most popular graduation program.

Although, most unemployed in this field.

That’s a funny thing.

What’s the alternate?

Alternative for Diploma

It’s the most interesting part for me.

You would also think what’s the alternative to learn python?

So, here it’s!

You can learn python with boot camp.

Boot Camp providing you with fast learning.

With the help of boot camp, you can execute code instantly.

You don’t have to wait.

Reliable and flexible

In today’s era, it’s more reliable and flexible for you.

You can adapt your skills fast.

You can also enrol in an online degree program.

These providing you with great structure.

You can learn online from top universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Kennedy school.

These providing you with great skills.

It may be costly but great.

If you have money and your parents allowed it.

Research it

Research and do it. You’ll learn Computer Science greatly.

You can also start a beginner project in Python.

If you want to learn more, you can start a freelancing project.

Where you can learn many great topics for python.

For me, This alternative is great. You can learn what happens in the marketplace.


Python is high general purpose and Interpreted language.

It has vast application in the Data Science and AI(Artificial Intelligence) field.

The diploma is worth it for the marketplace.

You can also do an alternative for a diploma. Such as an online degree program.

These programs are great.

BSc and engineering are good for computer science.

In India, there are 10% of colleges are good for Computer Science.

So, what do you feel? What’s your view on it, comment on it!!

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What if Python wouldn't  
Can I learn Python in a

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Can I Learn python in a Month?

Python is a highly interpreted language.

That means it executes the code line by line.

It has an easy to use syntax and automatic memory.

Image credit: istockphoto.com

The automatic memory easily uses garbage collection.

It’s a dynamic and multiprocessing language that makes it easy to use.

All things in python are objects. That means methods and processes.

All this behaviour of python makes it a more popular language in the world.

According to the TIOBE 2021, Python growing fast, compared to other languages.

So, let’s come to the question. Can I learn python in a month?

Image credit: istockphoto.com

Most people ask this question.

But I have something to say about this:-

Why python?

Why do you want to learn python?

Why do you want to learn in a month?

So, I’m going to encounter these questions.

Why python?

Image credit: istockphoto.com

Don’t learn python because I and somebody else is saying.

The greatest thing is that it’s a beginner level language.

That means if you don’t have any experience with programming language. You can start with it.

The second reason behind it is to use syntax. That giving you focus on what you want, Not the syntax of the language.

If you’re the people who love less code. You can try it.

In python, you can do the task in fewer steps, Comparison to other languages.

If you align these all behaviour with python, you can learn it.

If not, go to the next programming language.

You can align with their philosophy.

So, you can see the functionality of python, In which It builds on.

Why do you want to learn python?

Image credit: istockphoto.com

You want to learn python because it’s in trend. No…No!

It’s not the right way to see any programming language. Because trends are changing too fast.

You can’t go according to trend. Although you can see what’s happening in that trends.

Because Today python is in trend, after some years another language.

You’d never know how fast the trend is changing.

It’s good you learn python if you want to go into the field of Data science and web servers.

Also, you can learn Python for game development and automation.

If you think python for Android tastes. You are wrong.

It’s not for Android, Android supports static language such as Java and javascript.

You can go using the kiwi framework but it’s not for the android taste.

So, I sum up this. you should know what’s the purpose behind this?

That means you want to go which career in python.

Why do you want to learn in a month?

Image credit: istockphoto

You want to learn in a month because exams are coming. You have to pass the exam.

I’ll give you some tricks and tips and you crack it.

But it’s valid to pass the exam or you’re interested in learning?

If you’re interested in learning then I can tell you what can you learn in a month.

Not for a quick result, but to see your growth in a month.

Image credit: istockphoto.com

To see where you have reached in one month. You’re learning or something missing.

That’s the reason you should learn in a month.

So, let’s come to the centre of this blog. Can I learn python in a month?

Yes, you can learn python’s basics, not whole.

If I motivate you, yes, In a month you can learn. it’s a stupid thing for you.

If your ability to take and make a code is great then you can learn 25% of python in a month.

So, don’t expect a quick result.

In a month you can learn syntax, numbers, data type, function, class and regular expression.

This is not enough for python but as a month learner, it’s growth for you.

Image credit: istockphoto.com

To learn fast you can go to social media and watch the people who had learned python in less time.

These will increase your learning speed and tell you what’s important for you.

Also, you can go for beginner-level projects in python.

There are many projects you can search on google.

So, In this section, I have told you what’s important, fulfilment or growth!

People don’t give close attention to these questions. They only want to complete, I don’t know why?

They going according to popularity.

It seems to me, “Donkey chasing the Carrot “.

And the donkey never going to found the carrot.


Python’s popularity gained the attention of many people.

It’s easy to use attitude make enthusiasm between people.

You can learn python basics- syntax, class, function in a month.

For advanced topics, you need time and energy. There is no quick solution for this.

So, what do you think about it? Can you learn python in a month? Comment on it!

If you want to know more about this topic you can go:

Quora- Python in a month

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6 Best Website to Master python

In 1991, the Dutch programmer created python as a hobby project.

What do you think about the name? The name came from snake no…no. It’s not from animals.

Image credit: polygon.com

It’s from Monty python ‘The flying circus‘ British comedy show. The founder of python love to watch it. He learnt English from this.

After 30 years python is in a row of dominating programming language.

So, what makes python so cool?

The easy to use syntax and automatic memory. You can do more in less philosophy makes it cool.

It’s showing the philosophy of python.

You would say Ok, but How could I learn It online.

I’m going to show you some adorable websites to learn python from scratch.

Some are free, some paid but all are holding great value from each other.

Remember, every website can’t suitable for your personality. So, be careful.

Before jumping any website check out all introductions and see its suitable for you or not.

After, choosing the website that is suitable for you, jump in that.

I hope you understand not to choose every website. Choose what’s suitable for you.

So, I’m going to starts a website name’s sequence. Watch with curiosity.

W3schools for Python

Image credit: Wikipedia.org

This is the first website out of 6. If you like short and simple clarification. You can use W3schools.

The benefit of using it is that you can try code in their editor.

Not only it’s good for python but it also for other languages; Java, HTML, JavaScript etc.

W3schools also contain quizzes at the last of each topic. That shows you,your strong and weak points.

It has a game, where you have to move the dog forward with command.

You can check out this adorable website at W3schools.com.

I hope the W3schools is suitable for you.

If not move to next website.

Real Python

Image credit: realpython.com

Second but not least is the Real Python.

If you are ready to become a master of python then it’s for you.

It has free blogs, but if to learn advanced topics you have to pay for it.

If you are ready to pay. It’s great for you.

If you observe it has 1300 pages of resources and great visuals.

I love the logos and the quality of the content.

The adorable thing is the follow-up email where you can get tips and tricks from it.

If you are ready to put 60$ in their account they are going to show you their quality.

You can check at Real python.

I hope the price is affordable to you. If not go to the next section of this blog.


Image credit: coursera.org

If you like university structure learning you can check out Coursera.

Coursera’s great structure for python learning makes it more attractive to professionals as well as students.

Many universities teaching in Coursera. For example, the University of Michigan for python.

You can learn python from an expert. It’s reliable and consistent.

There are assignments, you have to complete to move forward.

The popular course for python is “Python for everybody” by the University of Michigan.

In this course, 2.5M students had enrolled. It’s a beginner-level course.

Python for everybody

If you want a certificate from couresa you have to pay $29 to 100$ a course.

The advantage of Coursera is that it’s collaborated with many big universities of the world.

If you want to know more you can visit Coursera.org.

Edx Microsoft

Edx collaborated with tech giant Microsoft for python course.

Image credit: bhosalesavali.wordpress

This course is completely free. You can learn from it.

If you like theory and practicals at once you can visit this course.

This course is highly structured and flexible for professional.

If you want a certificate from Microsoft you need to pay some money.

In edx, you can find many more Universities. For example, MIT python, University of Michigan, Georgia Tech.

If you want to know more, you can visit edx.org.

Udemy for python

Image credit: amazon.in

If you are interested in crash courses or quizzes you can join udemy.

Udemy is for people who love to learn from videos. You can take quizzes and check out the free python courses.

For this, you have to create an account on udemy. You can search for python in udemy.

This is one course I have chosen You can see the price of it.

You can choose a different course at different prices.

Many people took their course free in udemy for engagement of students in course.

If you need high level course you can also take. But you need to pay some money.

For more, you can visit Udemy.com.


Image credit: upskillwise.com/

If you love interactive learning you can join codecademy for python.

Codecademy is great for the instant implementation of code.

You don’t want to download the python interpreter.

Codecademy has its python interpreter where you can practice python code.

Python 2 is free of cost. But for Python 3 you have to pay some money.

It has all courses from beginner to advance level.

For more, you can visit Codecademy.


Python’s easy to use attitude influencing many people.

People facing difficulty in finding the right resources to learn python.

I have tried to come up with the 6 best websites.

The 6 websites which holding values.

So, what do you think is the best website for python? Comment on it! Communicate with me!!

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Python beating the C and Java

In 2021 python completed 30 years. These 30 years of amazing experience made python strong and stable.

Image credit: istockphoto.com

These 30 years are not only good for python but also for the whole industry.

In three decades C took the first position in many surveys. Java is also exceptional in these decades.

But recent statistics showing something different. Drastic changes are happening in the industry.

Tiobe July Index 2021

According to the tiobe community July 2021 index python gaining momentum.

Image credit: istockphoto.com

In this report, the C has gained the first position. But python overtakes java as the second position.

C, Python and Java are the three top programming languages in this index.

Image credit: istockphoto.com
Image credit: istockphoto.com

Although, C took 1st position. But the growth rate isn’t good for C.

According to the tiobe index C  loss for 4.83%, Java loss for 3.93% and what do you think about python?

It took also some loss. No, it’s a lie. Python gains the momentum of 1.86%. That’s shocking because sometime before Java looking to surpass python.

The difference between C and python is 0.67%, according to the tiobe index.

Tiobe started in 2001 as a hobby project for ranking programming languages. It collects the data based upon the searches in search engines.

In 2001, Java, C and C++ gained the top position. But with time statics has changed.

What the CEO of tiobe said?

The CEO of tiobe Jansen said,” Python is gaining momentum fast. When I had gone to a mechanic, I said, you know about software engineering. He took the python book.”

” This incident makes impression on my mind. I made a gut feeling that someday python will be a top performer “, said Jansen.

He suggested, ” Today programming is everywhere. Today it’s not only for programmers but also for individuals. Python is easy to use, so people prefering it.”

Image credit: istockphoto

According to him if python will dominate the market in recent years it wouldn’t shock him.

The report showing Java is going in a continuous negative growth rate. It’s not good for Java.

For the first time in the history of tiobe Java lost its position. It’s quite shocking.

According to Jansen, it’s interesting to see what will be happening in recent years.

What major changes are happening in near future?

The tiobe index showing that Python is gaining momentum. C had lost some positions but an alarming situation for java.

RedMonk’s Q1 2021 Ranking Report

RedMonk is an organisation giving ranking based on the Github repository.

The ranking depends on the developer community such as stack overflow.

This ranking analysed the popularity of language in the developer’s community.

This survey is showing that JavaScript is most famous in Github and StackOverflow.

Image credit: istockphoto.com

Python beat Java and gain 2nd position in this survey. Java set to 3rd position, after Losing one position.

Behind the top three programming languages, there are many languages, such as SQL, rust, R, visual basic, C# and C++.

You can see that python is gaining popularity and Java losing its position.

Tech-giants choice

The big tech giants- Google, Facebook and Microsoft moving toward a rust language. Because it’s easy to fix bugs and making the system more secure.

Google moving toward changing android into a rust programming language.

Image credit: istockphoto.com

Google also wants to use rust in the Linux kernel system.

Facebook also moving toward rust because it’s an alternative to C and C++.

Image credit: istockphoto.com

Microsoft made the big move to support the python language. It also hires the founder Guido as a distinguished engineer.

Image credit: istockphoto.com

The reason behind this is the development of Microsoft Azure. Microsoft developing the CPython for fast python.

This all showing that tech-giants interested in fast and secure language.

Python taking part in azure development.Where rust is growing fast in Google and Facebook.


Python’s easy to use attitude gaining momentum in the programming world.

Both Tiobe and RedMonk’s 2021 reports showing that python is suprassing C and Java.

Big tech giants- Google, Facebook and Microsoft changing their dynamics.

Google and Facebook moving toward the Rust language as an alternative to C and C++.

Microsoft developing the CPython for azure development. For this, it hired the founder as a distinguished engineer.

In the coming years it would be exciting to see which language dominates the Market.

What do you think, which language dominate the market? Which language do you want to see in the top position? comment on it! You can communicate with me!

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Image credit: istockphoto.com

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The Announcement of the creator increase the speed of python in 2022!

In February 2021 python completed 30 years. The 30 years of changing the programming world.

In 30years python has done exceptional changes moving toward data science and machine learning.

It was a hobby project of Guido van Rossum as a successor of ABC programming language.

Python is a dynamic programming language. The speed of python is slow than C++.

In the Pycon Us conference Creator of python Guido van Rossum announced in python 3.11 python community will increase the speed of the python.

Why Increase the python speed?

Python facing speed compatibility. it’s slower than the C++ language.

For that purpose, python has moved toward data science and Machine learning framework.

This is decreasing the GPU workload.

The Graphical processing unit(GPU) is a computer chip that renders the graphics and images by performing rapid mathematical calculations.

The second reason behind the move toward data science and Machine Learning is the large Numpy and Tensor flow library.

In Pycon Us conference Guido explains that for better performance and code maintenance python will move toward the speed of 2.x in python 3.11.

Although, Guido told,” It will only benefit for CPU extensive pure python code and the website which built-in with python “.

It’s not so beneficial for workflow which is written in C such as Numpy and Tensor flow.

Recently, the python creator had retired from Dropbox after creating millions of lines of python code for Dropbox.

He said, “I have bored in the house. So, I decided to apply for Microsoft.”

Microsoft had invested in PSF(Python software foundation). It has released a free python course for Microsoft Azure.

There are many Microsoft developer that is developing CPython.

Guido announces that the python community will not break the code, only maintain the code.

Because he believes that code stability is important for python.

What changes will be made?

In the short term python, community focused on the performance improvement in version 3.11.

Guido suggested that all changes made in CPython will be open source projects.

He expressed that the python community drastically make changes in bytecode, Interpreter, Compiler and system because they are changing between versions.

The bytecode is not compatible with the current version.

Also, he suggested that for speed improvement python community need to focus on optimizing frame stack, Changing how function calls and efficient exception handling.

All changes which will be made in CPython will be available on the Github repository.


After completing 30 years in the programming world. The creator Guido going to make changes in python performance.

Python has a great history of becoming a fun language to professional terminology.

All changes are announced at Pycon Us conference.

The creator Guido joined Microsoft after retirement from Dropbox.

All changes will be made in python 3.11 on the GitHub repository.

Python 3.11 will be released in 2022.

So, what do you think? What do you want to cover? comment on it!

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How everything is an object in python?

Image credit: AnalyticsVidhya

In recent times, me and my friends thinking about why everything is an object in python?

To know more about we have done the research and finally found it.

I can guess you also want to know why everything is an object in python?

What features and quality made the python object-oriented programming language?

To know more about why everything is an object in python? You have to find what is an object?

The object has a different definition in every programming language.

You are going to see what is object?

What is an object in python?


In python, the object is a component of a program that holds both data(variables) and methods(function).

For example, In the factory, 🏭 the component of the system, holding raw material and action in assembly lines is called an object.

In this example, the raw material is data and the assembly line is methods.

Sometimes in the place of a method python could hold attributes.

For example,


In the above example, you can see that I have applied the method type to the data of x.

The most interesting part is that class and type both synonymous with each other.

In this example, you can see that an str is an object which holds both data and attributes.

Everything is an object

In object-oriented programming languages like python, the object is a component that holds data and functionality together.

In python, everything is an object that means every component has data(attributes) and action(methods or functions).

These data and methods can access via dot(.) Syntax.

For example,



In the above example, you can see that I have worked on variable x with the help of remove method.

Also, access the attribute with the help of dot(.) Syntax.

When I say everything in Python is an object, I mean it.

Even the attribute and methods in object are also objects.

For example,

>>>x = 5.0


In the above example, you can see that data x and method is_integer is also objects themselves.

Why everything is an object?

Everything is an object that gives great benefit to using python. The objected-oriented created great advantages.

For example,

1. Easy troubleshooting

Object-oriented programming gives easy troubleshooting that means if the problem found in some parts you have not to look anywhere.

You can attack that part and solve it.

2. Reuse code through Inheritance

You can reuse the code in python with the help of Inheritance.

Inheritance is building new in the base of old code.

For example, you have to build a new car tesla in the base of Honda.

There are some commonalities in both car but you have to build a tesla car.

For more, you can visit my blog python-inheritance on reusable code.

3.Data redundancy

With the help of the data redundancy, you can store the same piece of data in a two different place

For example, the sale record of a salesman. In this case multiple sales of the same salesman store in a different place.

But the name of the salesman is the same in both entries. It’s data redundancy.

4. Make a security

With the use of data hiding and abstract, you can secure the data in python. So data will not be visible to attackers.

5. Effective problem solving

Suppose, you have to solve the problem. So, you don’t check the whole program.

Simply you can break the program into small pieces and solve the problem in a specified area without affecting another part of the program.

The great benefit of OOP(object-oriented programming) is that it does affect the whole program to solve the problem.

This all advantage of OOP makes the reason you should use python 🐍 programming language.


Everything in python is object means every data and methods are associated to each other.

With the help of the OOP(object-oriented programming), you can store same piece of data in different places.

In python, you can group similar things.

You don’t need to keep track of little things in python because Everything is in python is an object.

There are many advantages of OOP(object-oriented programming) which increase the productivity of developers.

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Avoid the building of python classes from scratch!

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Recently, I have to create many classes in python. It taking too much time to create the class from scratch.

So, I have to found something more interesting. Something which saves me time and energy.

So, I have moved toward python inheritance.

In python inheritance, you can create a new class from the parent class.

You can add new functionality to the child class and change the feature you don’t want in python child class.

It saves your time and energy. You can bundle the data and functionality in the python class with inheritance.

So, the next question is what you need to create an inheritance?

You need two classes to inheritance:-

• Parent class
• Child class

So, In this blog, you are going to see something interesting.

Let’s move forward to that.

Parent class

The parent class is a class from where all properties are inherited.

It is a blueprint of another class.

For example,


In the above class student, I have created a parent class.

You can see that there is also a method name that adds functionality to the parent class.

All properties of the child class come from the parent class.

Child class

The child class is a new class which you want to create from the parent class.

That means all the properties of the parent class inherited to this class.

In the above code, the parent class is a student.

All the properties of the student class are going to the below class.

For example,

Child class

In the above example, you can see that I have created a child class person.

You can also see that there is a pass statement. That means I have not to add more properties to the class person.

Call the child class

Let’s see what happen when we call the child class.

For example,


In the above example, you can see that when I have called child class the result is the same as student class which is the parent class.

So, what the code will look like when the parent and child classes combine.

For example,

Parent and child class


Child class output

In the above example, you can see that how I had combined both parent and child classes using inheritance.

Next, you are going to see if you have to add methods and properties in the child class.

How will you do it?

Add the __init__ function in the child class

In this section, you are going to see how to add the __init__ function in the child class.

You can initialize the attribute in the child class.

For example,

In the above example, you can see that I have added the __init__ method in the child class person.

The __init__ method in the child class initializes the attributes from the child class.

But we have also need Initialization from the parent class. So, I have to use student.__init__(self,fname, lname).

Super() function in child class

The super() function in python inherited all the properties and methods from the parent class to a child class.

For example,


In the above example, you can see that the super() method has inherited all the properties and methods from the parent class student.

Here, you can see that you have not use the parent class name to inherit properties.

The super() method automatically inherited all properties from the parent class.

Add properties in child classes

You can add the properties in the child classes. For example, you have to add the person age in the child class.

For example,


In the above example, you can see that I have added an attribute age in a class person which is a child class.

You can also pass new attribute to parameters.

For example,

Added attribute in the child __init__


In the above example, you can see that I have added a new attribute age which is passing through a class person __init__ function.

In this case, you can pass any age you want.

Add a method to the child class

You can add a method to the child class and display it in output.

For example,

After calling the child class how would the output be seen?

For example,


In the above example, you can see that how I have called the method in the child class person.

You can add any method in the child class.


With the help of the inheritance, you don’t need to create a class from scratch.

You only need parent class which work as a blueprint for the child class.

You can inherit the properties from the parent class.

You can also add new attributes and methods in child class.

These two properties taking from old and building new attributes and methods save the time and energy of the people.

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Python classes- Blueprint of objects creation!

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You all know that python is an object-oriented programming language that means it is bound to fields and processes.

For the creation of objects, you need a constructor. This constructor is called classes in the python.

The constructor starts the classes. The __init__ method initialized the class in python.

Basically what the classes do?

Classes hold the functionality and data together.

That functionality and data sometimes called methods.

In this blog, you are going to see:-

• Creation of a class
• Creation of object
• The __init__ method
• self keyword
• Objects method
• Modify object
• Delete object
• Delete objects
• The pass statement

Creation of a class

You can start class with a keyword class. The class would have a name.

For example,

Here, you can see that I have created a class school.

The class school has assigned a student name.

Creation of objects

You can create an object with class. And assign a value to it.

For example,

Here, you can see that I have created an object student and access the value of the object using dot(.) Operator.

Remember, the dot(.) Operator access the value of the object.

The __init__ method

The __init__ method in python initialized the classes in python.

For example,

Here, you can see that I have Initialized the class with __init__method.

The self keyword

In above example you had seen that I have used self keyword.

The self keyword access the current objects which belong to a class.

It doesn’t have to be self. You can call whatever you like. But it should be the first parameter in the class

For example,

You can use schoolobject in the place of the self keyword.

Remember, self keyword-only access the class objects.

Objects method

What is a method in a python class?

A method is a function that belongs to the object.

It’s a function that exposes the attributes of objects in the class.

For example,

Here, you can see that I have created a method myname to display the statement.

The method myname belongs to the object student.

Modify objects properties

You can modify objects properties with the help of assignments. Suppose, you have to change the name of the student.

For example,

In the above example, you can see that I have modified the student name steve to woz.

With the help of the assignment, you can modify the value of the object and property.

It saves our time to creating new objects.

You can modify the object’s properties as many times as you want.

For example,

In the above example, you can see that I have modified the name of the student two times.

So, you can also modify the name of the student as many times as you want.

Delete object properties

Suppose, you want to delete the object’s properties. You don’t want anymore these properties.

What you will do?

You can use the del keyword with the object name.

For example,

In the above example, you can see that before using the del keyword. The student name has printed.

After using the del keyword it showing AttributeError because of deletion of an object property.

Remember, I have deleted the object property not the object. Object still available in the output.

In the next section, you are going to see how to delete objects completely.

Delete objects

In this section, you are going to see how to delete objects completely in class.

For example,

In the above example, you can see that NameError has come because the object has deleted.

So, with the help of the del keyword, you can delete the objects also.

In the above two examples, you had seen how can you delete both objects and their properties with the help of the del keyword.

The pass statement

You can remain the class definition empty. You had t put some data on it.

But suppose you want not to display class data. Then what you will do?

You can use the pass statement.

For example,

In the above example, you can see that in output there come a statement.

This statement shows that there is no output because there is no input.


In this blog, you had seen that class bundling the data and functionality together.

The initialization of class starting from __init__ method. It holds the parameter self.

The self keyword access variables that belong to the class.

You can delete the objects and their properties with the help of the del keyword.

The pass statement in the python class doesn’t give the error.

With the help of a pass statement, you can use the data in next time in the program.

I hope you loved this blog. If you found something misinform you can comment on it. I will fix it.

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Python Intro- Core values of python!

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You had seen my many blogs. I have told you about coding in python and all the stuff of python code.

In this blog, you are going to see the core value of python. Why you should use python?

What’s the benefit of the python language?

What benefit does it provide a comparison to another programming language?

History of python

History of python

In the late 1980s, the Dutch programmer Guido van Rossum created a python as a successor of ABC programming language.

It was a hobby project of Guido van Rossum during work in ABC.

The first version of python 0.9.0 released in 1991 which has simple features not a large standard library.

The second version 2.0 released in 2000 with some key features. For example, List comprehension and garbage collection system.

Python 3.0 released in 2008 with backwards compatibility.

Python 2.0 was discontinued in 2020.

Why python?

Why to use python?

Python gives the sense to write in fewer lines. It does not need more lines to execute the python code.

Its syntax is easy to understand and consume.

To go to the next line you don’t need an apostrophe(;) or semicolon(:). You can easily go with the enter button.

It has a great sense of simplicity and user readability.

It has a large library to make the program more interesting.

Python is Interpreted language that means it executes as soon as possible. Because of this prototyping,the python language is fast.

What is python?

What is python?

Python is a high interpreted language. Which executes as soon as possible.

It is used for:-

• Web development
• software development
• Mathematics
• system scripting

It is highly used in the game development field.

It’s Object-oriented_programming language. Where everything is based on objects.

It’s a sequential programming language that means everything starts from Top to bottom.

Area’s of python

Image credit: medium.com

Python can be used to create a web application on a server.

You can connect python to the database to perform big data and complex calculations.

You can also use python in the field of data science, Machine Learning(ML), Artificial Intelligence(AI), scientific computing, data analysis and data visualisation.

You can create many Graphical user interfaces(GUI). For, example GUI for the calculator.

The most interesting and new field which you found with love is Search engine optimisation(SEO) in digital marketing.

With the help of SEO, you can arrange the keyword. You can find which keyword the user searching for.

It has great use in Natural language processing(NLP). With the help of NLP, you can make the connection between human and computer language.

It is also used in game design, blender, animation and many more things.

It has a great design philosophy that giving purpose to the python language.

Design philosophy of python

Design philosophy of python

Python proposes code readability and simplicity.

The language core philosophy includes in The Zen of Python.

There are some lines such as:-

• Beautiful is better
than ugly.
• Explicit is better
than implicit.
• Simple is better than
• Complex is better than
• Readability counts

The python community strive for simpler, less clutter while giving choice to the developer.

The python focuses only on one way to do the things.

The one way should be simpler and understandable.

The main goal of the python community is to make python fun and interesting.

They don’t use foobar. They give more sense to practical examples.

You have seen all the why, what and how of the python 🐍 language.

You should know

Should know

• The name python 🐍 came to an idea from the British comedy show Monty-python.

• The founder of python trusted with ABC Programming language. Then created python language.

• Some syntax of python taken by Apple to create a programming language Swift.

• In the recent survey in 2015, python suppress the French language prefer by parents to give to their children.

• If you type import antigravity in python idle it opens a web page with modules of comic.

• Many big organisations and companies using python. For example,

• Nasa
• Nokia
• Netflix
• Google
• yahoo!
• Facebook
• Mozzila
• Dropbox
• Amazon
• Youtube
• Uber
• Udemy
• Reddit

With all these applications you can see how python spreading from company to company.

People loving it and sharing it.


• Python’s easy to use syntax, clear and precise structure changing the dynamics of code.

• The main purpose behind this is to make a fun and less cluttered program.

• Many big companies and organisations using python because of its easy to use syntax, flexibility and simplicity.

Python playing a key role in data science and maths.

• It has vast applications in AI and SEO.

I hope you loved this! If there is any misinformation you can tell me.

I hope you had understood the purpose of the python language through this blog.

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