Python Diploma is worth it, in 2021?

Python is a high general and interpreted language.

Python programming language

Easy to use syntax and Interpreted behaviour makes it useful for many areas.

These areas are higher education terms.

For example, Python can be useful in the area of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and many more.

Many things going toward automation.

Top to Bottom approach making it useful for OOP(Object-Oriented Programming).

Python’s line by line execution making it’s for automation.

You can do code in fewer lines.

Benefits of diploma

Benefits of Diploma

If you want to enter in python specified area such as Data science and artificial intelligence.

You can choose a diploma in python.

After 12th science, you can take a 3years diploma.

A diploma would take you from basic python to advance python.

You can start from data types to Data Science.

Diploma making you most prefer for companies. That means you don’t need to understand all thing.

In reality, people want to learn everything in python.

It’s not possible. You have to learn the Important things.

It does not matter how much you’re learning. It’s matter how you’re implementing it.

A diploma gives you a sense of Importance. Not to feel in the trap of knowledge.

Albert Einstein’s Imagination

Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.”

That means you can only understand what had done or discovered in knowledge.

For something, New you have to Imagine the possibility.

That doesn’t mean knowledge isn’t important. It has limitation.

At some point, the diploma stands for it.

It prepares you for the marketplace.

It’s all the benefits of a diploma, You can’t ignore it.

BSc or Engineering

BSc or Engineering

You can do BSc or Btech in computer science.

You should do a BSc or BTech if you’re interested in computer science.

With python, you’re interested in algorithms, databases, data structures, operating systems and maths.

It’s beneficial for them.

BSc program

Bachelor of Science

It’s 3yrs course.

There are many programming languages.

Each year contain 2semster.

There are 6subjects in each semester.

I’m also in this course.

It’s very boring. You can’t connect each semester in India. I don’t know why.

In reality, these courses Institution not interested in you.

Not interested

They are only interested in completing the portion.

They don’t care you understood or not!!

They only care about the money. It’s a harsh reality.

For example, In FYCS(First-year Computer Science) Python is a programming subject.

I started to learn it. But what I’m seeing in the second year there isn’t 90% python.

What’s the hell it is!

Why I started this?

I’m asking myself Why I’ve started to learn this.

And what’s the guarantee it’ll not happen in the second year.

The Colleges just remaining for namesake.

I feel we as a Creator need some changes.

Engineering program


It’s a 4year program. It’s tougher than BSc level.

You can learn many things in engineering. But the curriculum for 90% of college isn’t interesting in India.

It’s the most popular graduation program.

Although, most unemployed in this field.

That’s a funny thing.

What’s the alternate?

Alternative for Diploma

It’s the most interesting part for me.

You would also think what’s the alternative to learn python?

So, here it’s!

You can learn python with boot camp.

Boot Camp providing you with fast learning.

With the help of boot camp, you can execute code instantly.

You don’t have to wait.

Reliable and flexible

In today’s era, it’s more reliable and flexible for you.

You can adapt your skills fast.

You can also enrol in an online degree program.

These providing you with great structure.

You can learn online from top universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Kennedy school.

These providing you with great skills.

It may be costly but great.

If you have money and your parents allowed it.

Research it

Research and do it. You’ll learn Computer Science greatly.

You can also start a beginner project in Python.

If you want to learn more, you can start a freelancing project.

Where you can learn many great topics for python.

For me, This alternative is great. You can learn what happens in the marketplace.


Python is high general purpose and Interpreted language.

It has vast application in the Data Science and AI(Artificial Intelligence) field.

The diploma is worth it for the marketplace.

You can also do an alternative for a diploma. Such as an online degree program.

These programs are great.

BSc and engineering are good for computer science.

In India, there are 10% of colleges are good for Computer Science.

So, what do you feel? What’s your view on it, comment on it!!

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