11 Python projects for beginners in [2021]

Python is a high level and Interpreted language.

The Dutch programmer Guido van Rossum created it. It’s a successor of the ABC Programming language.

The most recent version of Python is 3.9.

It’s an OOP(Object-Oriented Programming) language. That means all things in python are methods and processes.

You can do the code in fewer lines.

It’s easy to use syntax that makes it useful for processors and methods.

It’s multiprocessing and Dynamic language.

Python is useful for the webserver.

Web servers are places where all the data of computers is stored.

Web servers

It has a large application in data science and Artificial Intelligence(AI).

So, you’ve thought,” why I start projects in python?”.

You can do many things with python projects.

Why do you start with projects?


Projects are a great way to start.

It’s very helpful in the software development process.

You learn real applications where you can use programming languages.

It gives you not only theoretical knowledge but also to implement it.


For example, you know what are the string and integer. But don’t know how to use them in the software development process.

You can learn the concept quickly with projects.

Projects gives you the confidence that you can create something.

Projects are helpful in the real world.

Skills development

It gives the time management skills for personal development.

You would know how much time you should give to each element of the software.

Here are projects you can start for python

• Rolling dice
• Leap year or not
• Calculators
• Generate random
• Contact book
• Game development
• Tic-tac-toe
• Desktop notify app
• Rock-Paper-scissor
• Instagram photo
• Youtube downloader

Rolling Dice

       Rolling dice

You’ve played Ludo in your childhood.

You had won many matches. And thinking about rolling dice once again.

But this time something different way.

Start rolling dice project and roll dice once again.

This is an easy project. You can roll dice again in this program.

You can use python for it. Also, you can set conditions for dice using if, else and elif statements.

Leap year or not?

Leap year or not?

This is an easy one. You have to find the year is a leap or not?

You can found it in the if-else condition.

You can set if leap year then this statement will display.

Otherwise, another statement will display.

From this project, you’ll learn if-else statements quickly.



Although you don’t need it.

But if you want your calculator you can create it.

You want to make a calculation and to check how efficient you are!

You can create it.

To create a calculator you need Tkinter(Toolkit Interface) GUI.

          GUI Of Calculator

With this interface, you became familiar with GUI(Graphical User Interface) in python.

You’ll know how the GUI(Graphical User Interface) working.

You can create an interface for a calculator using it.

Generate random password


Users have to face difficulty to create a password.

You can solve this problem.

You can take 3 words from the user and create a random password.

Also, you can save this password on your desktop.

  Password for user

The user doesn’t have to remember the password.

The system will remember for them.

Again you have to use Tkinter GUI for password.

Contact book

  Contact book

You’ve difficulty remembering the contact of your friends.

Don’t worry! You can create your Contact book.

In this contact book, you’ll store your friend’s name, ID and many more.

    Contact book in python
Image credit: realpython

To create a GUI(Graphical User Interface) you can use the PyQt application.

It’ll create a GUI for the contact book.

To store the data in the contact book you’ll use SQL Lite.

Game Development

       Game development with Python

You can create a game in Python.

Do you want to create an enthusiastic game? then use pygame for game development.

Pygame module gives you access to all game development tools.

You can create an alien game with it.

       Alien game

In the alien game, you’ll learn the basic concept of python.

For example, a dictionary, list etc.



You had played many tic-tac-toe games in childhood.

There are two players one choose x and another 0.

It’s a 3×3 grid. Players have to make 3 x or 0.

You can create it on a desktop using the Pygame module.

It’s a game of combinations.

You can also play against the computer.

Desktop notify app

           Desktop notify app

Many notifications are coming in your app.

How some text is coming into your phone to display notifications?

It showing that the notification has come in your phone. 📱

You can install notify in the pip command.

The notify in the pip create the desktop notifier app.

Rock- paper- scissor

         Rock- paper and scissor

If you’re not aware of this game. I can tell you in short.

There’re three symbols rock-paper and scissor.

Rock win against scissors ✂️

Scissor win against paper 📝

A paper win against rock 🪨

This is the format. I hope you understand.

                 Rock-paper-scissor in desktop      
           Image credit: cppsecretes.com

To create this game on a computer. You need to import a random module.

Second, you’ll use the input() method to take input from the user.

Third Give the computer to chance to choose the symbol.

At last, determine the winner using if, else and elif statements.

Instagram photo downloader


You’ve many friends. Do you want to download their photo?

If yes, you can use an Instagram photo downloader.

You’ve to create it.

You can create it with the web scrapper.

Web scrapping

Web scraping is the process of using bots to extract content and data from a website.

You’ve thought it’s legal?

Yes, it’s legal because the content and data which you extracting are for the public showcase.

Although it’s a straightforward process to create an Instagram photo downloader.

Do the fun and download your friend’s photo.

You can download the Instagram photo using a web scrapper.

YouTube video downloader


You can download videos from YouTube video downloader.

To create it you need to import Tkinter and pytube libraries.

Tkinter creates a GUI(Graphical User Interface) for the YouTube video downloader.

GUI(Graphical User Interface)

Pytube library downloads the video from YouTube.

YouTube Downloader is a great tool when you want to watch videos offline.

Create it and do fun!!!

It’ll make you familiar with the Pytube library.


Python is the high purpose and interpreted language.

You can create many things from python.

For the Graphical user interface, you can use the Tkinter library.

I’ve shown you 11 projects which will make you familiar with the basics of python and libraries.

These 11 projects are for beginners.

What do you think? Do you‘ve any projects for python beginners? You can comment on it!!

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